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meet stefania

Stefania has a passion for spreading the good news about God’s love through her music, speaking and day to day living. She has been ministering to teens and young adults throughout the Denver area for the last 12 years and currently leads worship at St. Mary Parish in Littleton, CO.  She now spends most of her days ministering to a younger crowd, her four children.  With stories and song she shares her simple journey of faith – through the joys, the struggles, the hope and the disappointment, and everything in between! Currently, some of her favorite things include (in no particular order): playing flag football, writing music, taking naps, St. Teresa of Avila,  watching Disney movies with her kids (or alone), and any warm caffeinated beverage.

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by stefania elsmore

This album is a long time in the making for Stefania, and she is excited to finally share a piece of her heart through these tunes. Inspired by her humble encounter with a merciful God, this album runs deep with themes of mercy, love and hope. With a depth of lyrics and moving melodies, these songs are an invitation to lift our eyes toward heaven in prayer and praise.



prodigal artwork


The artwork used for PRODIGAL is a water-color created by Gina Koshute. The image is designed to represent the road in which the prodigal son, and each of us, take to return to the Father.  We are living in a darkened and gray world, where we often struggle to find the right path.  Whenever it is we find our footing and make an effort to return to the Lord, He is there with outstretched arms waiting to embrace us.  Not only is He waiting, but like in the story of the prodigal son, He comes running to meet us.  The Light in this image is not just a destination, it is actively coming out to meet us on our journey.  It is bursting forth out of the darkness, and pursuing us, inviting us into His marvelous light. No matter how dusty and dirty the roads we’ve traveled might be, the Light of the Father comes to meet us right where we are to bring us more fully into His love.   

The rays of His light are showering down upon us, similar the image of Divine Mercy where rays of light are pouring forth from Christ’s heart. We are covered in his love and mercy; cleansed by the blood and water that flow forth from the side of Christ.  He desires us to be close to Him, and is constantly loving us through our faults.  

I pray that this image helps you to reflect on your own journey toward Christ. I pray that you can experience the love and grace poured out for you by our Savior.  Allow yourself to be fully immersed in the love and mercy of God.